Go Green:

As of July 2008, Vierkant Disposal has offered organics* recycling to all of our customers. We provide 60 Gallon carts to customers upon request for the new Go GREEN program. As always bags (paper and compostable plastic), tarps (maximum 6' x 6' and 50 lbs; leaves only) and cans may also be used for your yard waste. However paper and compostable plastic bags are preferred. All yard waste and organics must be placed on the curb by 7:00am on your pickup day.

Customers may tailor the yard waste and organics program to meet their needs. The program is only available for customer's with weekly garbage service. You have the option to do one of the following programs:

  • Yard Waste & Organics

  • Yard Waste only

  • Organics only

*See list below for acceptable organic items

Cost of regular yard waste and organics recycling:

Go GREEN program:

  • $7.08 per month ($85 yearly) (60 Gallon cart and unlimited bags)

    • Tarps 6' x 6' or smaller for leaves ONLY. No grass or brush will be accepted on tarps.

    • Brush needs to be bundled in 3'-4' lengths.

    • Dirt and brush piles larger than 4 x 4 x 8 are a separate fee.

Per bag program:

  • $2.00 per bag for yard waste and organics recycling



YES (Acceptable Items):

Food Scraps

Fruits and Vegetables

Meat, Fish, & Bones

Bread, Pasta, & Baked Goods

Egg Shells

Dairy Products

Coffee Grounds


Paper Products

Paper Towels & Napkins

Paper Plates & Cups

Milk & Juice Cartons

Pizza Boxes

Egg Cartons

Boxes From Refrigerated & Frozen Foods

Waxed Paper (butter wraps, pastry bags,  

fast-food wraps)

Paper Bags (flour & sugar)

Paper Containers (remove metal handles)

Coffee Filters and Tea Bags


Wrapping paper & ribbon


Other Items

Dryer Lint

Tissues & Cotton Balls

Houseplant & Flower Trimmings



Yard Waste

Grass, Leaves, & Brush


No (Do NOT Include These Items):


Plastics, Metal, or Glass*

Plastic Bags

Juice Boxes & Other Foil-Lined Containers

Condiment Packets

Diapers & Wipes

Kitty Litter & Pet Waste

Full Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Construction Materials


* For Edina Residents, please continue to recycle paper, cardboard, plastics, metal and glass through the City of Edina recycling program.


Home Depot, Sears, and other hardware stores carry paper yard waste bags. Byerlys, Cub & Lunds carry compostable plastic bag (i.e. Bag-To-Nature).


Paper or compostable plastic bags are REQUIRED for all yard waste and organics not in a cart.  

Yard waste and organics may be combined together. They do NOT need to be separated.

Yard waste and organics must be placed on

the curb by 7:00am for pickup.






















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